South Holston River

About The South Holston River

$500 – Full Day Float for 1 or 2 Anglers (8 +/- hrs on the water)

$400 – Half-Day Float for 1 or 2 Anglers (4 +/- hrs on the water)

South Holston River fishing is one of the most sought-after fly fishing destinations in the United States. It boast a population of 8,500 wild brown trout per mile and is famous for its sulfur hatch. The South Holston River is the perfect place for those passionate about fly fishing to chase after trout. The scenery alone is enough to take your breath away. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains it provides the perfect backdrop for the crystal clear water. Add in the challenge of landing a trophy trout, and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable fishing experience.

Due to the TVA moderating the flows on the South Holston River, we won’t know if we will be able to fish this until the night before your planned trip. The South Holston River cannot be wade fished when they are generating water. If this is the case, we will head over to the Watauga River if it’s off at that time. In the event that both rivers are generating, we will have to make a plan according to the generations schedules and I’ll let you know the day before what the plan is.

All of our guided fishing trips on the South Holston River will include all rods, reels and terminal tackle.

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South Holston River Fly Fishing Trips

When you choose to come fly fishing on the South Holston River with us, you’re getting an all inclusive experience. We provide all the equipment necessary for a successful day on the water. If you’ve booked one of our full day trips, you also get a riverside lunch as well. We take care of all of the logistics so all you have to worry about is casting and catching!


South Holston River Hatch Chart

We want to provide all of our guests with the best opportunity to catch fish! That’s why we created this hatch chart. Whether you are going on a guided trip with us or simply want the best best information on fly selection, this chart will help you find and land more fish!


If you’re going to be wading, check out the South Holston River Generation Schedule.

South Holston Hatch Chart - HFF

Spring is one of our favorite times to fish the South Holston River. With it’s famous sulfur hatch happening in throughout May and into June. This is an event unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! 

The great thing about this tailwater fishery is that the fishing is great year round! Thanks to the underfed flow from the South Holston Dam, the water stays the perfect temperature year round. 

Terrestrials, streamers, midges and nymphs are our go to patterns in the summer. 

The fall is a close competitor for our favorite time of year to fish. With the spawn going on, fish get aggressive and hit streamers like no other. Add that with the surrounding leaf change of the  Appalachian Mountains. It makes the perfect backdrop for a day of fishing. 

Make sure to have plenty of nymphs, midges, bwo and streamers in your fly box this time of year. Depending on the day, different color patterns will work better than others.  

The fishing in the winter here is a hidden gem. Although the fishing does slow down some, those fish just move to bigger and deeper holes in the river. 

Our favorite tactic during the winter is to dead drift streamers. This has proven deadly time and time again in luring those lazy, big browns out of their hiding spot. 

Midges will fish well this time of year as well. 

Best Times To Fish The South Holston River