Watauga River Trout Fishing

watauga river trout fishing

Welcome to the captivating tailwater section of the Watauga River, a premier destination for trout fishing in the Southeastern United States. Flowing from the depths of Watauga Lake in Elizabethton, Tennessee, this tailwater stretch is renowned for its consistent water temperature and flow, creating an ideal environment for a thriving trout population. Here, the river unveils a world where Rainbow and Brown trout flourish, attracting anglers from all corners who seek the thrill of fly fishing in these prolific waters.

South Holston River Trout Fishing: A Guide for Anglers

south holston river trout fishing

The river’s unique charm lies not only in its bountiful trout but also in its diverse aquatic environments. From gentle, meandering flows to more challenging, rapid sections, South Holston River provides a variety of settings for different fishing techniques. The river is predominantly known for its healthy populations of brown and rainbow trout, offering anglers a chance to test their skills against different species.